Pie Ranch, Pescadero, California

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin.

 Pie Ranch 
cultivates a healthy and just food system from seed to table through food education, farmer training, and regional partnerships. In 2002, three founding partners — Nancy Vail, Jered Lawson, and Karen Heisler — purchased a triangular 14-acre property on California’s San Mateo coast to establish Pie Ranch.

The shape of the land, and their shared vision to create a model center of sustainable farming, inspired the farm’s distinctly fitting name. Since 2005, Pie Ranch has operated as a working farm, hosting youth from regional high schools to participate in farm-based programs and activities. Pie Ranch also works with educators and community collaborators in diverse urban, suburban and rural settings to help students apply what they’ve learned at Pie Ranch in their daily lives. In addition, Pie Ranch mentors aspiring farmers as resident apprentices who spend a full year immersed in all aspects of farm operations and marketing.

Pie Ranch gets a packed house for the potluck dinner and rollicking barn dance that follows. The potluck brings several dozen people out, each sporting a dish they’ve cooked up to share.Cost for the dance is $10–20 per person on a sliding scale; everyone contributes what they can! The dance features the County Line Pickers with caller Andy Wilson to lead the dosey-does and more!To keep a friendly family atmosphere and encourage safe driving out on Hwy 1, the potluck and barn dance are alcohol-free events. "I'll be as careful for you as I'd be for myself in like need. I know what is fair and right." - Homer