Holidays at Pescadero Creek Inn

During the holidays we have an opportunity to dress up the Inn just a little bit more. Pescadero is a farming community so the harvest time is a special time.  

Halloween and Thanksgiving are both times to celebrate the bounty from the land and also to prepare for the ending of another year. And Christmas is the special time to give thanks for all our blessings. Halloween is a very special time in Pescadero.

Not only are the local farm fields teeming with pumpkins, but Halloween night brings out hundreds of Trick or Treaters, almost everyone in the community is out. Thanksgiving at Pescadero Creek Inn is a time when we invite all our family to join us in a feast, so the guest rooms in the main house are not available that day.  

Christmas Eve is the only other day of the year that the inn closes the rooms in the main house, again to enjoy a family celebration.However, the Garden Cottage is available those days as well."Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."- Martin Luther King