Historic Pescadero

The date usually assigned to the founding of Pescadero is 1856, when the first store opened in town. In addition to local fishing and farming, Pescadero was an attractive vacation destination early on, as evidenced by the three hotels in town before the turn of the century. The lure of deserted sunny beaches around Pescadero was an allure to vacationers before the turn of the century.

This led to the hotel on Pebble Beach about three miles south of Pescadero, complete with stables.  Regretably the venture by local millionaire Loren Coburn was not successful. Though we have looked far and wide for early pictures of the inn, the above are as close as we have found. Many early pictures of Pescadero are of the many parades celebrated in town.

 To this day there is a local parade celebrating the Portuguese festival of Chamarita each spring. Used as everything from a church, town recreation center and a movie theatre, the Pescadero Native Sons Hall fell into disrepair later in life. However, like many buildings in town, including Pescadero Creek Inn, the hall has been totally restored and is now a popular wedding and party venue.  Over the many years the town of Pescadero has existed, it has grown very little. “To understand everything is to forgive everything”- Siddhartha