Pescadero Creek, Pescadero, Ca

Pescadero Creek Inn gets its name from the creek that runs through the property. A perennial creek, Pescadero Creek is home to three endangered species, the California garter snake, the red-legged frog and steelhead trout. Due to low water flows in 2013 you could view the steelhead spawning in the creek along the Bed and Breakfast. Pascadero Marsh One of the largest watersheds in Northern Claifornia, Pescadero Creek feeds the 243 acre Pescadero Marsh where great hiking is available.

View the many birds that call the marsh home, and also those that travel through on their migration. More than 200 varities of birds have been viewed here, with 60 of them nesting in the marsh. Depending on the time of year you will see Marsh Hawks, Great Blue Heron, Cranes, Redtailed Hawks, Red Shouldered Hawks and an occassional Osprey.

Usually late in the winter the mouth of the Pescadero Creek opens up, allowing the steelhead and enter and exit in their annual ritual.  The mouth offers a fine place to practice your fly-fishing skills, though it is strictly catch and release. However, the many California Seals that wait at the mouth for the steelhead don't abide by those rules! Nature has created a very unique way of letting the creek drain into the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of Pescadero Creek, boring a passageway trough the coastal rock.

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