Phipps Ranch, Pescadero, CA

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PHIPPS RANCH HAS CLOSED....Purchased by a local farmer...

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Another farm in Pescadero available for touring is Phipps Ranch.  Here you will find many different farm animals to see as your wander the grounds, littered with old farm implements.  Many different and rare birds are scattered about in the many large enclosures, clucking and preening for all.

Inside the store you will find Pescadero area grown fresh vegetables. In addition they have a collection of over forty varities of beans grown on the ranch. And behind the store they have a wonderful plant nursery.

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Between May and July they have U-Pick Ollaberries and Strawberries which is a fun activity to do with children, helping them learn the source of their food.  One for the bucket, one for the child.....

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